"This is Manchester,
we do things differently here"

Decorrum is committed to giving back to its roots in Manchester through its partnership with Forever Manchester. Collaborating with a charity that focuses on empowering local communities is a commendable way to make a positive impact. By supporting over 1,300 community projects each year, Forever Manchester is truly making a difference in the lives of people in Greater Manchester.

Just by purchasing a bottle of Decorrum, you’re helping us donate up to £1 directly to this worthy cause, continuing our cycle of support

Forever Manchester is all about….

  • Giving everyone the opportunity to be happy.
  • Putting smiles on the faces of our local communities.
  • Supporting local people transforming the lives of others.
  • Bringing local people together to create something special.
  • Caring about those people who care enough to act.
  • Championing local people doing extraordinary things together.

Join the movement.
Get involved.

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