Our Story

At Decorrum, we put sustainable practices, charitable giving and community engagement at the heart of everything we do. We’ve established a cycle centred around our very own Bees, specifically utilising the honey they produce to foster sustainable practices that benefit both our community and beyond as well as giving us that delicious Rum!

Buy a bottle adopt a bee!

The Worker Bee of Manchester is a symbol of Unity, Strength and Creativity. This Spirit is exactly what we wanted to create in our Rum and Brand with everything that we do.

The way we do this is by using a key ingredient in Decorrum; HONEY!

We source our honey from a Bee Sanctuary located on top of the iconic Printworks Building in Manchester City Centre.

When you purchase a bottle of Decorrum Spiced, you will Adopt a Honey Western Worker Bee (AKA a Manchester Bee)

You can find your adopted Bee’s name on the back of every Bottle!

This adoption will go towards supporting the Bee population and the honey produced by the Manchester Bee’s will then go back into creating the flavour, aroma and golden colour of Decorrum.

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